Patient Testimonials

What Do Patients Say About VeinOPlus?


Pam S.

“I worked in a manufacturing plant for 25 years. I live with Claudication Limb Pain. After six surgeries, the circulation in my legs was very poor. My vascular surgeon prescribed the VeinOPlus a year ago for daily use. I can honestly say the VeinOPlus has improved the blood flow in my legs. I can walk and even now mow my lawn without suffering from limb pain. My quality of life has been improved since using VeinOPlus.”


Theresa L.

“A history of high cholesterol, small vessel disease, and being a smoker led to my development of severe peripheral arterial disease. After five surgeries and failed grafts, my vascular surgeon was afraid that I might lose my right leg. He ordered a VeinOPlus. After three months of daily use, my circulation improved, the graft is functioning, and I walk without leg pain. The VeinOPlus has saved my leg.”


Willie L.

“I had hip surgery and swelling developed in my legs. My podiatrist said I had Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS). He prescribed the VeinOPlus for daily use. Two of my therapy sessions are performed while at work. My co-workers have no idea that I am receiving therapy to manage the edema in my legs. The VeinOPlus is my personal therapy device for treating my condition for life.”