The VeinOPlus® Vascular device enhances the calf muscle pumping function, improves venous outflow to the heart, and arterial inflow to the lower extremities.


CLINICAL ISSUES: Aching swollen legs, cold feet, limb pain while walking, or hard-to-heal foot or leg ulcers are symptoms of poor circulation present in chronic venous disease and/or peripheral arterial disease.

Over 60% of patients suffering from chronic venous disease and/or peripheral arterial disease have reduced calf muscle pump function due in part to the effects of the aging process and/or a lack of daily exercise due to living with osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal problems, foot/leg ulcers, limb pain, and a lack of motivation to exercise.

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Dr. Dunn, a general and vascular surgeon shares how he uses the VeinOPlus in his practice.

FACT: Inactivity of the calf muscle pump results in a 47% decrease in venous outflow, a 13% reduction in heart rate, and reduced arterial inflow to the legs.

FACT: he common drawback with using total contact casting, walking boots, and Unna Boots is reduced range of motion (ROM) and disuse muscle atrophy. These products prevent normal foot propulsive and ankle flexion, leading to calf muscle pump dysfunction, decreased venous outflow, reduced arterial inflow, and delayed wound healing.

The VeinOPlus Vascular device overcomes the inherent drawbacks associated with contact casting, walking boots, and Unna Boots, in terms of providing static compression and severely reducing ankle range of motion. In addition, patient compliance is low leading to poor outcomes.

Medicare and private insurance companies cover the VeinOPlus Vascular device.

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