The VISTA AVS 500 ABI Vascular System

Empowering physicians to be change agents in detecting, treating, and managing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

The VISTA AVS 500 ABI System - Overview

The Vista AVS 500 ABI System incorporates a one-touch button for accurately measuring Ankle Brachial Pressure Indexes in 10 minutes.

Vista AVS conducts fast, automatic cuff inflation/deflation for highly accurate ABI calculations for early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Vista AVS incorporates validated DFO Algorithm software for accurate, rapid assessment of the ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) with no need for resting prior to the assessment.

Read Clinical Studies:
- Oscillometric and doppler ankle brachial indexes as predictors of all-cause mortality in a primary care population

- The accuracy of an oscillometric ankle-brachial index in the diagnosis of lower limb peripheral arterial disease

Four cuffs are used simultaneously to provide hard copy data in 10 minutes of application.

The Vista AVS System has the capability of performing four vascular examinations, including single-level ABI exams, seated ABI, PPG probe for performing Toe Brachial Index (TBI) exams, and Segmental exams for locating blockages or narrowing in the vessels after initial single-level ABI testing.

Cuffs are clearly labeled and includes a diagram to ensure correct placement, so minimal training is needed as comprehensive guidelines are provided.

VISTA - AVS Key Features:

  • Fast, automatic cuff inflation/deflation and highly accurate ABI calculations
  • Large display with fast intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Graphic waveforms display with easy to follow test sequences
  • Sensitive bi-directional 8 MHz Doppler probe for obtaining waveforms
  • Obtains dual-ankle pressures at Posterior Tibial and Dorsalis Pedis arteries
  • Blood pressure cuffs for obtaining pressures and ankle waveforms
  • Pulse volume recording (PVR) waveforms are obtained with the cuff system
  • PPG probe for performing TBI exams for performing segmental studies
  • Software for reporting, annotating, storage, along with built-in printer
  • Convenient USB drive for data storage, transfer, and EMR interface
  • Durable stand with basket for storage of cuffs.

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