Why John Berges Founded VasoCARE

John-Berges-of-VasoCAREJohn Berges was nine when he asked his mother why his Godmother Nana always wore pants. She told him Nana was once involved in a car accident and had developed blood clots and subsequent venous stasis ulcers.

Many years later as an adult, John joined Nana for dinner and noticed dressings on her legs below the hemline of her pants. She told him of the accident and how the trauma led to her developing blood clots. A Greenfield filter was implanted to prevent the clots from traveling to her heart or lungs. For over 40 years she lived with swelling and leg ulcers which affected her social life and intimacy with her husband. Nana showed John her compression stockings and how her arthritic fingers could no longer apply or remove the stockings. John could see and feel Nana’s pain and frustration.

John became frustrated at the time since he could not help his Nana. Later that evening, John hugged Nana and said goodbye. He resolved to find a way to help her and others living with venous stasis ulcers.

John researched Nana’s condition and purchased a compression device from a German manufacturer. He showed Nana how to use the device and emphasized the importance of daily compliance.

After 8 months Nana shared this was the longest period without a recurring leg ulcer and hailed her compression pump as a true blessing.

John’s satisfaction in helping Nana played a major role in starting VasoCARE, a company that specializes in medical devices proven to treat lymphedema, diabetic foot ulcers, and prevent DVT.