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Proud to serve our Veterans

Purchase orders or questions:

FAX: 866-455-5150
CALL: 1- 800-256-9979
FSS: 36F79719D0099
NPI: 1720256662
DUNS: 038082014

To initiate VA order, fax completed consult to VasoCARE at:
FAX: 866.455.5150


FSS contract #: 36F79719D0099.

Dear VA hospitals and outpatient clinics:

VasoCARE is committed to providing the highest quality devices designed to treat and produce positive outcomes for our veterans.

Our goal is to assist veterans with device technology that successfully treats and manages lymphedema, chronic edema, claudication limb pain due to peripheral arterial disease, non-healing diabetic or venous stasis ulcers), and the prevention of DVT at home.

VasoCARE’s representatives are trained to assist your healthcare team with the appropriate training on the Bio Compression pneumatic compression devices. For veterans having special needs, VasoCARE can provide custom-made arm or leg sleeves to assure proper fitting limb sleeves for positive results.

The VasoCARE rep will arrange for an in-home set-up and product training.

Ordering Lymphedema Pump device:

  1. Identify Sequential Circulator
    • Sequential Circulator SC-3008-DL
      • An 8-chamber pneumatic device with digital calibrated gradient compression
  2. Sleeves: Identify affected extremity
    • Upper extremity: 8 chamber arm sleeves
    • Lower extremity: 8 chamber leg sleeves
    • Custom 8 chamber arm and/or leg sleeves
    • Bio Pants – 16 chambers
    • Bio Elite Vest – 8 chambers
  3. Medical Justification
    • Lymphedema in arms or legs
    • Chronic edema (swelling)
    • Chronic venous insufficiency
    • Venous stasis ulcers
    • Truncal or genital lymphedema
    • Failure of bandages in reducing edema or maintaining reduction
    • Need for advanced pump to treat lymphedema in the chest, groin, buttocks, or abdomen areas

Treatment Protocol

Recommended: Use the Sequential Circulator for two, one-hour therapy sessions/day for treating and managing chronic edema, lymphedema, and venous stasis ulcers.


  • System includes a controller unit:
    • E0652: Sequential Circulator 3008DL
    • E0667 (full leg) 8 chambers
    • E0668 (full arm) 8 chambers
    • Accessories
      - Bio Pants for trunk
      - Elite Bio Vest for chest

Ordering DVT prevention device:

VascuEase™Portable DVT System
Item # IC-1200-WH

Submit completed consult to the Prosthetics Department for processing to VasoCARE.

VasoCARE fax: 866-455-515
Call 800.256.9979 with questions or email

The VasoCARE representative will contact the veteran to assist in obtaining limb measurements and/or installing the pneumatic compression system.